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With spy (tiny and camouflaged) cameras easily available online and for as cheap as Rs 500 or even lower, privacy is at a higher stake everywhere.Be it your local store, your commute vehicle, a mall, your boutique changing, public toilets or even your hotel room.However, the tiny camera can expose one’s privacy with great ease.It just needs to be placed intelligently and hidden into some article in the room or camouflaged into something that can go undetected.It could be mounted into a flower pot, in the ceiling, inside smoke detectors, behind mirrors, inside clothes hangers, wall clocks, switches and switch boards, inside the wall, and many more.You have to think one step ahead and find out where it can be hidden, if it is.

The recent news about a camera spying on customers changing their clothes in a well-known boutique in Goa has once again raised the question about privacy.Cameras have become portable, battery operated and tiny and almost every smartphone out there has at least two of them.Micro cameras are also available, are as tiny as a rice grain and can be pushed down through your blood arteries and veins for an inside view to help medical advances.Two-way mirrors: Check your changing room and hotel room for two-way mirrors.It is difficult to detect whether the mirror is a giveaway at first glance, but you can still find out.

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