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Working as a foreign correspondent in Berlin, he fails to report in time on both a major German election and the lifting of the Berlin blockade.Then, in Damascus working for another paper, he drinks whisky with pills and makes an indiscreet remark in the British Embassy, so he’s sacked again. His main aim is to write a bestselling novel, and he spends whole summers away from Mary.‘I sit in Clapham, in total obscurity,’ and later, ‘All my books are written, except for the prose.’You begin to wonder what on earth Mary sees in him.

Reading this revealing collection of love letters between her and her wartime lover Eric Siepmann, you can see where some of her heightened vocabulary came from.In that first heady week of 1944 they actually made love not in a daffodil field but at the De Vere Hotel overlooking Kensington Gardens.The ecstasy was clearly unlike anything either of them had ever known — and they were both married to other people at the time.It took until 1951 for divorce to be granted on grounds of cruelty — Phyllis’s cruelty, not Eric’s. At first he comes across as glamorous and attractive, writing ardently to Mary from Paris where he’s working for the Psychological Warfare Unit, asking her which kind of scent she’d like him to bring back for her.(‘Bourjois Soir de Paris’ is her choice.) ‘My past has been a succession of first chapters,’ he writes to her.

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