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"Ask yourself, 'Who do I feel safer sharing my inner world with? So even if you know your mom has a history of hating the people you date, it's a bad move to start the convo off by bringing that up. Back in her day, hooking up meant meeting up, and Tinder was a kind of firewood.But that doesn't mean your mom isn't qualified to weigh in modern dating.

Coming up with cute names to call your boyfriend may seem a fun and romantic task, but be warned: the road to the perfect pet name is fraught with peril.

Whenever I call my mom, the conversation ultimately turns to dating — not because she pries, but because she's been happily married for nearly 30 years and I figure she knows what she's talking about when it comes to relationships. She reminds me that the little details I get so hung up on (He's an inch too tall/short to kiss comfortably!

He bikes everywhere and it's August and he's sweaty! And she points out actually important issues that I might not think about otherwise.

No 'friends' telling other friends about your secrets. You decide if and when you want a professional consultation. Discover the difference professional love advice can provide."My husband and I were struggling with some important issues.

It will allow you to access ALL of the love coaches and relationship specialists.

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Sweetie is vanilla, it’s steady, a surefire hit; it’s the Tom Hanks of nicknames.

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