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One girl in the study, said: “I felt like if I didn’t do it (send the nude), they wouldn’t continue to talk to me anymore.” Campbell also refers to a study by Strassberg Mckinnon in which out of young people who believed sexting was acceptable, 28.7% sent a nude.Out of those who thought it was wrong, 4.9% still sent one. Some girls, it was reported in the studies, had said that everybody was doing it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a girl is vain or a narcissist.Desi girls are commonly not allowed to expose their bodies, which could make nudes more interesting.Nobody else has seen her body before, and if she needs the attention to confirm she does look good naked, then this is it.Pressure from the man makes a girl sometimes feel obliged to please him.Jeffrey Kluger, says: A general worry for girls is that the guy will lose interest if she doesn’t send him that topless selfie he’s been asking for.

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