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The Art Nouveau/Jugendstil period (1898-1914) has seen tremendous builders.

Some whole areas of the town were designed in the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil style.

These hotels had all the modern conveniences of that time.

It was a way to gain an international shining, and to show the state of the Art in Prague.

namesti Republiky, 5 Arch: Antonin BALSANEK, Osvald POLIVKA, 1903-1905 Mosaic: Karel Spillar Sculptor: Franta Uprka, Josef Maratka Inside: CHOCHOL, Balsanek, Saloun, Preisler, Alphons MUCHA, POLIVKA,..

The outside is built in a baroque revival style with modern technics including a large fresco on the front, a copper and glass dome, a large marquee overtopped by cariatide lights (photo §5).

The metal work of the balconies, the door with stain glasses, the wall covering mosaic (by Jan Preisler) have been greatly restored.

Mucha is certainly the most well known Czech AN artist in the world.These voices claimed not only a political autonomy but also a cultural one.Geographically, Prague was not as large of today, a lot of AN buildings that are today in Prague were in fact in other little independent towns like Smichov. As nearly all large towns of that time in Europe, Prague grew at high speed.Once you are out of the inner center of the town, you will see that the general state of the buildings is painful.The broken window panes, the tumbledown plaster, the Art Nouveau door handles replaced by standard ones... On the other hand there haven't been destruction/reconstruction programs as in western Europe so nearly all the original Art Nouveau buildings are up.

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But the rest of the building will let you imagine some of the splendors of Prague in 1900. Hotels were a type of building that used very often the Art Nouveau style.

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