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Research shows that if your parents have different political beliefs, you’re more likely to be moderate, whereas if both parents have the same beliefs, it can make you more extreme.” Somewhat surprisingly, the study seemed to reveal that fiscal attitudes swayed people’s interest in a potential partner even more than social policy beliefs.

Malhotra thinks this might be because religion can serve as a proxy for social values, making this aspect of the political divide less relevant than budget and tax priorities.

“When you sort for religion, you can in part be sorting for beliefs about abortion and other social policies.

But your feelings about the role of government in the economy might be a different matter.” One cause for hope, before you despair over the coming wave of infant ideologues: General levels of interest in politics—no matter which side you favor—had about the same effect on dating desires as did actual partisan affiliation.

Shared ethnicity increases interest by 16.6 percent. And shared political partisanship raises dating interest levels by 9.5 percent.

(Which explains why my date suddenly looked a little different to me after I learned she’d pulled the lever for the maverick and the hockey mom.) In a second analysis, the researchers partnered with Ok Cupid to gather data from real-life date-seekers. Casting a vote for a Republican is by no means a date deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. It changed the background music playing behind her monologues. We left it at that, and she moved on to talking about David Cronenberg movies. ) But I confess this revelation threw a different light across the gal’s smile.Couples who meet online get married sooner and break up no more often than those who meet in the real world, according to new research by a Stanford professor conducting a long-term examination of how we meet the people we love.The findings are based on 2,669 partnered subjects from the “How Couples Meet and Stay Together” project, a longitudinal sociological National Science Foundation-funded study headed by Michael J.

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Being within five years of a dating prospect’s age doubles the likelihood that you’ll have interest.

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